Atangeo Balancer nPro 2.0

Balancer nPro

The best polygon reduction technology is now available as a highly affordable, easy to use tool. Learn more.


  • Commercial license is a full license.
  • Non-Commercial license must not be used in commercial, business, nonprofit, or revenue generating activities. For example, with non-commercial license you can use Atangeo Balancer nPro for personal purposes at home, or if you are a student.
  • The site license grants permission to use an unlimited number of copies of both Windows and Mac versions of Balancer nPro within your company site. This license confers NO GRANT to use Balancer nPro for your subsidiaries, parent companies, customers or any other related or unrelated individuals, companies or entities.

Upgrade from Balancer

Existing customers of Atangeo Balancer can upgrade to Balancer nPro using coupon codes in the shopping cart. See details here:

Electronic Delivery

Once your order is completed, you will be able to download your licensed copy of Balancer nPro immediately, for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Refund Policy

Atangeo does not offer refunds for Balancer nPro. We encourage you to thoroughly evaluate free versions of Balancer nPro before making a purchase. Please download free Balancer nPro Lite and Balancer Demo here.


Price: $144.00