A high-quality, ultra-fast polygon reduction tool

to optimize your 3D models, quickly, efficiently, with best results possible


Atangeo Balancer features high quality, high fidelity mesh simplification (aka polygon reduction or mesh decimation).

It accurately preserves the model visual appearance, features, normals, texture coordinates, materials and layer boundaries.

The resulting simplified models have high mesh quality with close to uniform triangle shapes and vertex valencies.


Quickly and easily find your perfect balance between visual appearance and the number of polygons.

Instantly pick an optimized model with your required face count or use accurate tolerance-based simplification to obtain desired visual quality, just in one click.


Balancer is extremely fast and efficient.

Very small memory footprint and high speed performance allow Balancer to quickly and easily simplify models with millions of faces.

Balancer is now available for both Windows and Mac OS X

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