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We're following this post over on the Unity3D forums with great anticipation:

In anticipation of the launch, I visited your website to look at the pricing model, which I'm pleased to say is affordable to most indie developers. However, many Unity3D developers work on Macs supporting both OSX and Windows, including us. But you have separate pricing for each, which will annoy a lot of people. Please consider changing your pricing model to be per seat, with 1 license covering both platforms.


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Yes, please do consider changing the license. Depending on the middleware / pipeline in use, Unity developers often will do parts of a project on a windows machine and others on a mac, or select one of the two platforms for a specific piece of work.


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+1 for the combined Mac/Win licence. I just purchased anyway Smile.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the support.

We already decided to change the licensing model,
so that you will be able to use Balancer on both
Windows and Mac platforms with a single license purchase.
However, technically it takes some time to change
the licensing model.
The next minor update, hopefully available within
a couple of weeks, will use the new licensing model.

All those that already purchased Balancer and want
to use it on another platform, please, send us
your request to

Best regards Smile